Alchera Landscape Design

Clockwise from top right:

The signage team, Conflict Islands,  I am the pale one 2nd from right;  'Ayrlies' the book -  Bev McConnell is a natural-born story teller;  landscape design, sculpture, photography, art, nature - all merges into one world.  If we are lucky we get to enjoy it. 

gallery/ayrlies book

Project Management

Project Management seems to me to be a 'mother hen' sort of job, pretty much not necessary if only people communicated (except for the financial side of it, of course).  

I spent a year too-ing and fro-ing to PNG to help make the Conflict Islands a cruise ship destination - a once in a lifetime adventure.  


I helped get the lovely 'Ayrlies' book published.  


The thing about both these projects was working with wonderful people and the enormous satisfaction in a successful outcome.


I am currently assisting with infrastructure upgrade works on a commercial building - when that is completed it too will be immensely satisfying.  Just helping where I can.